Best hotel pools

Don’t think that pools are fun just for kids. And not all gorgeous pools are Olympic swimming pools. What is a good pool for you? Is it big? Does it have a great view? Is it on the top of a skyscraper? Or it’s just on the center of pure nature?

Here are 10 fantastic hotel pools around the world. They are all the best from their aspects.

  1. One of the hottest pool scenes in Miami is of the one at the Raleigh Hotel. It was built in 1940; and since then it has been hosting many celebrities and figured in many postcards.

  2. After a long day of skiing, you can relax in the heated pool of the Hotel Portillo located in Chile.

  3. At the edge of the city’s skyline, there is an infinity pool on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

  1. In Santorini, the great pool at The Katikies Hotel will amaze you.

  2. The pool that cantilevers out over the streets of the city belongs to The Hotel Joule in Dallas.

  3. In Baja California’s wine country, there is a pool with great views of the deserted landscape in Hotel Endemico.

  4. The Casa Colombo Hotel in Sri Lanka featuring with a pink pool.

  5. The largest and deepest pool of the world is in Chile, at San Alfonso del Mar Hotel. It lays along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

  6. There is a really big pool complex at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It combines eight different pools surrounded by temples and statuary.

  7. There is another infinity pool at the Ubud Hanging Gardens, in Bali. It’s very high and overlooks the rain forest.