Tips to choose the best hotel or resort

One of the most important things while traveling (business or leisure) is Accommodation. Fortunately, some destinations have plenty of options for resorts and hotels to choose from. So, having your accommodation plans in check is one of the things you want to make sure you do before traveling. For a lot of people, choosing the best hotel can be tiresome. However, many people do end up booking a place that just does not either suit them or for some other reason. Below are some of the tips that should assist you in choosing the right hotel accommodation.


Best places to watch sunsets?

You can watch sunsets just about anywhere, but there are some places in the world where the experience of seeing the sun go down is extra special. To pay homage to one of the most beautiful things that we’re gifted to see every day, here are some of the best places in the world where watching the sunset will be something so exceptional and breathtaking.Perhaps after you read this, you’ll once again really experience and feel the beauty of this wondrous daily event.


Best hotel pools

Don’t think that pools are fun just for kids. And not all gorgeous pools are Olympic swimming pools. What is a good pool for you? Is it big? Does it have a great view? Is it on the top of a skyscraper? Or it’s just on the center of pure nature?

Here are 10 fantastic hotel pools around the world. They are all the best from their aspects.


Top 10 attractions in London

The London Eye The London‘s skyline would never be complete without the London Eye. Towering over 135 meters over Thames River, this is the best place to soak up soaring views of the city and enjoy a breezy ride.

Madame Tussauds Want to rub shoulders with the rich and the famous? This is the place to be! Here you’ll get to see famous personalities – in remarkable wax figures. You’ll find the biggest names here – from Michael Jackson to Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and so much more!